Your Friday Calendar 4/30-5/6

Welp, the tail end of the PEN World Voices Festival is coming up. Probably should have started this thing sooner, but there’s always next year. Since there’s tons of stuff going on, I’m just going to put up the ones that interest me the most, but there’s there’s seriously a lot going on. If you have anything coming up, let us know!

Friday, April 30:

The Future of Journalism
Ha! What a name for a lecture. I’m going to this because I really, really hope that they’re going to tell me something that’s not ‘we’re all screwed’ and ‘we have to wait for a new business model.’ It’s being put together by Lapham’s and PEN.

Richard Ford interviews Shirley Hazzard
This is billed as a “rare meeting of two modern-day masters of the grand themes—’time, love, the coming around of inexorable events … the acceleration and dislocation of modern life,'” which, honestly, sounds like it could devolve into platitudes pretty quickly. But Hazzard likes to buck the status quo–her work has been labeled “anitpost-colonialism”–and her last work was on Hiroshima, so that “inexorable events” part could be pretty entertaining.

Penderecki conducts Penderecki at Carnegie Hall
Tip o’ the hat to The Awl for putting this on my radar. This actually isn’t reading or writing related, but it is for the high falootin’. He’ll be playing compositions from his early period (like the Threnody) as well as his later-period work, which is way more Romantic and won’t scare children.

Saturday, May 1

N + 1 Release Party
Not for the feint of heart. We’re going there just to hit on the interns (lookin’ at you, Ashton). It will likely get rowdy with praxis.

Patti Smith and Jonathan Lethem
Lethem, whom we interviewed in issue 1, writes about music, and Smith sings about writing. This looks great!

NPR Iraq correspondent Deborah Amos, Paris Review head honcho Philip Gourevitch, and NMA award-winner Sebastian Junger will talk about war writing. Really looking forward to this.

Note: There’s also a cabaret? And it’s sold out? Somehow I wouldn’t want to watch these people dance. It’s also going to be like 90 degrees so go be outside with your friends.

Sunday, May 2

Roddy Doyle and Colum McCann
We gave Colum McCann a copy of our first issue a few months ago, and we’re pretty sure that he thought we were hitting on him. We weren’t, but we’ll take it. He and Doyle will presumably talk about their Irish upbringing and their work.

Melvin Van Peebles and Greg Tate
I really hope this isn’t one of those things that looks great but is about half as cool as you would have expected. Van Peebles’s Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song will be discussed.

Sherman AlexieChris Hitchens gives Fifth Annual Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture
Alexei says in the blurb: “To survive, we will likely become dual citizens, continuing to live and write as analog artists, but also embracing and expanding the aesthetics of digital literature.” Interesting way to think about it, and Alexei seems like one of the better ones to elaborate on that. This is also the last thing going on for the PEN festival.
Chris Hitchens will likely bloviate about something.

Monday, May 3

Julie Sheehan and David Lehman Poetry Reading at KGB
Infuriatingly prolific poets Sheehan and Lehman will be reading at KGB.

Tuesday, May 4

Welch Family reading and discussion at NY Foundling
I know, and am part-time employed by, Liz Welch, co-author of the family memoir The Kids Are All Right. She and her siblings will be reading from the memoir at Foundling, the 140-year old child welfare agency. Seriously worth going to. RSVP.

How to Write About Africa
How do you write about Africa? Who knows? Apparently the topic is so touchy that KGB doesn’t even have a blurb up. But it sounds worth going to! Kenyan journalist Binyavanga Wainaina, novelist Judith Stone, journalist Sarah Broom, and Mystery Person “Deo” will apparently be there.

Dr. Ruth talks “Heavenly Sex”
Hey, I just report it. Twenty bucks at Park Ave. Synagogue. I’m betting this will actually be really funny.

Wednesday, May 5

Sex. Money. Corruption.
Good leaders gone bad! I like the premise for this lecture. At Yeshiva U.

Thursday, May 6

Got nuffin’. Let me know if you know

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