Design for Armchair/Shotgun!

As some of you know, our capable designer, editor, and friend Gavin is leaving us for the greener(?) pastures of grad school. And while we could never replace him…well, we’re going to try really hard to replace him.

Inside you will find a description of the position, which includes graphic design, layout, and coordinating with artists and printers. If you know of anyone who’d be a good fit, please send them to us. Thanks!

Short Short Story Contest Results…

On Sunday, June 27th, Armchair/Shotgun joined Greenlight Bookstore at FABfest. Among the attractions was a classic typewriter, which we invited folks to put to good use by typing very short stories in order to try to win a stylish, freshly minted, Armchair/Shotgun t-shirt. We had participants of all ages, some of whom had never seen … Continue reading

Fun in the FABfest sun

Travis Kurowski reads from "White"

A/S spent last Sunday at FABfest in Fort Greene, Bklyn, and had a great time. Here’s why.