Short Short Story Contest Results…

Hard at work.

On Sunday, June 27th, Armchair/Shotgun joined Greenlight Bookstore at FABfest. Among the attractions was a classic typewriter, which we invited folks to put to good use by typing very short stories in order to try to win a stylish, freshly minted, Armchair/Shotgun t-shirt. We had participants of all ages, some of whom had never seen a typewriter before, but all of whom were up for the challenge. 

Today, we are pleased to announce that Marc Pongnon is the winner of our short short story contest and an Armchair/Shotgun t-shirt! His untitled piece captured the mood and energy of the hot Sunday afternoon in a delightful and unique manner. Congratulations Marc! 

  • Honorable Mention goes to Cassandra Salazar for her story “The Three Princesses”. A lovely story and a beautiful illustration…
  • …and Most Creative Use of the Medium goes to Bobby Jemma for a one line story about a very hungry girl.

Mr. Marc Pongnon's winning piece, freshly typed.

If you don't like this story, Armchair/Shotgun can't be your friend.


Scroll down to see the full collection of fantastic stories. Thanks to everyone who shared a story and took the time to type! 


Typewriters, it would seem, are magic.

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