What is A/S Reading? – No. 6

That is, what is Armchair/Shotgun not proofreading? While we are in the process of wrapping up Issue No. 2, we have also found time to turn away from our computer screens, plop our eyes back into our sockets, and spend a few hours with a book (or two!). Here’s where we are these days: Editor-at-large … Continue reading

Copy Edits

Here’s a brief list culled from our Google search history during our wee-hour copy edit session for upcoming Issue 2: —- þórdís björnsdóttir daughter honey-bun falsa blanket goddam KA-BAR Gulf Stream ligature SUVs, SUV’s hotdogs, hot dogs Blue Ridge Mountains Eugene Lang The Shark’s Parlor BFA (results in Balloon Federation of America -Ed.) do you … Continue reading