Release Party Redux (with pics of shining faces)

It’s more than a week post-release party here at Armchair/Shotgun, and we’re still on an emotional high from the night.

Issue 2 arrives

The magazines arrived packed neatly in nine boxes and just in time. We’re thrilled with how it looks, and even more excited to finally get to share with the world the content we’ve been sitting on: four brand-new short stories, poems from both established and never-before published writers, editor Kevin Dugan’s profile of novelist Jesse Ball, photographs of L.A. by Cory Schubert (including the beautiful shot on our cover) and a painting and interview from Brooklyn artist Sono Osato. (You can see it yourself in NYC and North Carolina bookstores, or purchase online.)

Typewriter bonding

We celebrated at our semi-official favorite bookstore, Greenlight. A/S friend Helena graciously kept guests in wine and whiskey. We set up a typewriter to act as a guest book, wherein guests could record their future memoirs. (Keep an eye out for a post on those later this week.)

Poet Alicia Dreilinger and editor Adam Read-Brown meet

Greenlight’s co-owner Jessica welcomed everyone, and our editors Adam and Evan explained the history of the magazine and introduced the four readers.

Alicia Dreilinger, who bears the distinction of being the only person anonymously chosen to appear in both our issues, started us out with her poems “Each Night” and “Second Chances.”

Nate seemed to enjoy reading his story as much as we enjoyed hearing it

Issue 1 fiction author Nate House, who currently lives in Philadelphia, returned to his hometown to read from his story “Bad Dog.” Nate also has a novel, Float, forthcoming from Aqueous Books this fall.

Alanna reads

Alanna Bailey read her poems featured in Issue 2: “The Fire,” “Grandma,” “But We Didn’t Wear Black” and “Pomegranate.”  We’re honored to be the first journal to publish Alanna’s work–we think she’s going places!

We're pretty sure this isn't the coat from the story.

Another new talent, Zachary White,  wrapped up the readings. His fantastic short fiction “The Story About My Coat” opens Issue 2.

A/S friends listen

Also joining us were contributors Sono Osato (Issue 2 art and interview), Cecelia Galarraga (Issue 2 poetry) and Lauren Kirchner (Issue 1 poetry). Several of the readers who helped us screen work were there, as well as other friends and supporters. Creating a magazine takes the work of many many people, and the reward at the end, for us, is getting to finally introduce them to each other and celebrate together.

Afterparty at Flatbush Farm

After the party, we went over to Flatbush Farm–dim and sparkling, with a comfortable bar and a courtyard of long picnic tables. (You know, half Armchair, half Shotgun.)

All smiles.

It was a wonderful night. Thanks to Greenlight and its staff for hosting us and generally being one of the greatest little independent bookstores in New York. Thanks to the Luna Park Review for this write-up, which we were really touched by. And thanks to all the writers and artists whose contributions make this work so worthwhile!

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