What is A/S Reading? – No. 9

It’s really fall! Time to curl up with a good book, or catch a cold.

Managing Editor Laura McMillan has been reading The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith by Peter Carey:

Tristan, the intense, deformed son of an equally intense, beautiful ex-pat actress, narrates his childhood in a left-wing experimental theater company in the fictional archipelago of Efica. Peter Carey is Australian, and it shows–Efica was colonized by prisoners and low-status workers from Europe, and its people have an understandable chip on their shoulder about being used and abandoned by the superpower of Voorstand. Apparently we get to go to Voorstand in the second half of the book, and finally find out what exactly a Sirkus is.

The book reminds me very much of Sexing the Cherry by Jeannette Winterson. There’s that mix of physical detail and grotesqueness, the skewing of our world and politics, and believable, bittersweet bonds between characters. I can’t take it more than a few pages a time, but it’s better that way.


A/S publicity guru Vicki Lame is between books and pretty happy with it:

I just finished Lola and the Boy Next Door, a delicious new young adult book out from Stephanie Perkins of Anna and the French Kiss fame. While Lola doesn’t hold nearly the special place in my heart that Anna does, Perkins is still one of the freshest new young adult authors out there right now. Her books are endlessly readable,funny, smart, and full of adorable boys I would have wanted to date in high school—the most recent boy being Cricket. (Yes, his name is Cricket. No, I don’t know why.)

As for my next read, Andre Aciman’s new essay collection Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere and Paul La Farge’s new novel Luminous Airplanes are both contenders and currently duking it out for a place on my nightstand. But, perhaps I will just read them both at the same time. Two books at once is nothin’!


Managing Editor Adam Read-Brown says:

Adam has been quite ill, and as such had no time to read anything other than The Gobalization of World Politics, Chapters 6, 8 and 9. Oh, and what you’re reading is soooo awesome? Right? Well I THINK IT’S INTERESTING. Ok, I need more Sudafed.

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