What is A/S Reading? – No. 14

It’s a brand new year, and between putting together an awesome event for you guys (secrets!) and prepping Issue 3 for press (even more secrets!), we haven’t had much time to read. But, somehow we managed to do it anyway. So happily, this is: What is A/S Reading?


Managing Editor Laura McMillan is FINALLY reading Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann:

I had heard such wonderful things about this book that I wanted to wait for the perfect moment and brain space to actually start reading it.

This turned out to be this past Monday morning in Manhattan, huddled over a bagel and very hot coffee at 7:30am in a Greek diner. The regulars came in and out, each door opening sending a blast of icy wind past my table. One guy stepped behind the counter and hoisted the owner’s son in the air, saying, “You getting too big to pick up? You be proud of your papa. He’s making a good life for you.”

I can already tell this is going to be one of those novels I have trouble finishing—not because they don’t compel me, but because the characters are so real that I don’t want my time with them to be over, and because I’m afraid something awful will happen to them and am not sure I can stand it.

Publicist Vicki Lame recently reread her favorite book, Steve Erickson’s Days Between Stations, a yearly ritual she loves.

This book was the first book that made me really realize fiction didn’t need to be ordinary. My high school English teacher gave it to me to read when I was seventeen and—though I didn’t know it at the time—it was the book that would lead me to book publishing. I rarely tell anyone about this book (feel privileged!), and instead choose to give it out to those individuals I think might appreciate it. I’ve given it to, maybe, seven or eight people. And a few others picked it up of their own volition (always a sure way to win me over). And maybe one of those people has really understood why I love it. But, suffice it to say, it’s a special one for me, and I read it once a year.

And because I haven’t really told you anything about it, and because I’m terrible at describing the books I truly love, I’m going to steal a line from the jacket: “Days Between Stations is the stunning, now classic dream-spec of our precarious age—by turns beautiful and obsessed, haunted and hallucinated, in which lives erotically collide, the past ambushes the future, and forbidden secrets intercut with each other like the frames of a film.”

Yep, DEFINITELY starting to sense a theme in my reading selections…

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