What is A/S Reading? – No. 17

Oh hey! It’s spring! Oh wait, no, it’s winter again. GREAT. Oh wait! No! It’s definitely Spri—no, no, it’s still just winter. This weather has us all sorts of discombobulated, but man have we had some fun this season. Earlier this month we had a great time at this with our friends at Greenlight. And … Continue reading

Pictures From Last Week’s Armchair/Shotgun Panel at Greenlight Bookstore

Last week Armchair/Shotgun had the privilege of hosting “From Flash Fiction to Long-form Journalism: Length and Format in the Digital Age,” a panel discussion at Greenlight Bookstore on how technology has opened new platforms for sharing writing, re-popularized forms such as ultra-short (“flash”) fiction and in-depth investigative journalism, and even spurred new interest in hard-copy and artisan journals. Speaking to … Continue reading

What is A/S Reading? – No. 16

Before we get to all the fantastic books we’ve been reading, forgive us if we mention a few exciting things on the horizon. You might have seen us advertise our event “From Flash Fiction to Longform Journalism: Length and Format in the Digital Age” happening at Greenlight Bookstore this Monday. You can find more information … Continue reading