Issue 3 Launch: Relive the Magic

Our authors are fantastic. All of them: past, present, and, we are sure—future.

Allison tells us about something itty bitty.

But allow us to backtrack a moment.

Writing, as we are, in the midst of book festival-tivities, it is hard to believe that Sunday was just three days ago. Even more so, it’s hard to believe that this past Sunday evening saw the release of Armchair/Shotgun Issue No. 3 at Book Court!

Issues and t-shirts and typewriters, oh my!

The new issue is chock-full of all of our favorite things: brand new poetry, fiction, and visual art. In addition we’ve gotan interview with the ever-fascinating and delightfully amusing Reif Larsen, author of The Collected Works of T.S. Spivet.  All together it amounts to one heck of a read, and we are so excited to finally get to share it all with you all.

As with nearly all A/S events, there was a typewriter and plenty of whiskey, and we never seem to get tired of either one… but, back to our authors:

The highlight of the evening was readings from four of our Issue 3 authors. As Evan Simko-Bednarski, one of the founding editors of Armchair/Shotgun, noted in his remarks, our completely anonymous submissions and review process yielded an issue of eleven authors of poetry and fiction: all women. Which we think is pretty neat. Allison Campbell started things off with her encyclopedia entry–inspired poems “Cemetery” and “Body.” We were thrilled to have Allison joining us all from her new home in Mississippi!

Sarah, cursing like a young child.

Next up, Sarah Goffman read a selection from her short story, Eddie by Himself, a poignantly funny story of a young boy with a vivid imagination (saber- toothed tigers make the occasional cameo).

Genevieve, resembling a really awesome author.

Moving back to the realm of poetry, Genevieve Burger-Weiser read her hauntingly beautiful and wide-ranging poem “To Resemble Fire.”

Diana knows exactly what she’s reading.

And then closing out the evening, Diana Clarke read from her gritty and dark short story, Pick Up.Despite a couple of publication credits in her bio, Diana flattered us by announcing that A/S is the first “real” publication that she has appeared in. Well, shucks. We wish her many more.

The four readings were rich in variety, both in content and tone, each author bringing a true ownership of their work to their presentations. Needless to say, we here at A/S were beaming with pride.

Editor Evan and Issue 1 author, Kate Weinberg, take a look at the new issue.

In addition to the authors who read, there were a number of other current and former authors in attendance, including J.E. Reich, Alanna Bailey, Alicia Dreilinger, Dolan Morgan, Lauren Kirchner, and Kate Weinberg. Reif Larsen also dropped by for a drink.

We couldn’t have imagined a better start to our time with Issue 3. You will soon be able to buy it online, and even sooner in bookstores. But if you want a copy straight from us, come see us at table 15 by the fountain this Sunday at the Brooklyn Book Festival. (There might even be a special appearance from an Issue 3 contributor or two!)

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made the evening a success, and thanks again to the folks at Book Court for being such lovely hosts. See you all this weekend!

   Typing, wine, Issue 3.  Alicia Dreilinger (poet and alumnus of Issues 1 and 2) knows how to celebrate.



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