How Armchair/Shotgun Got Its Name

Obob dylanbviously we drank ALL the whiskey and were thinking about how comfortable armchairs sounded because sleeeeeeeeepy and then of course we started talking about shotguns because that’s totally normal. End. Of. Story.

Okay, maybe not.

In the illustrious four-year history of Armchair/Shotgun, one of the most popular questions we get is: “What does your name mean?” The answers have reached somewhat epic proportions from a self-created combo of truth, myth, and what we think just plain sounds best. Here are just a few of our responses over the years. Some are true. Some are not. Sometimes even we don’t know what’s what. (Though we do discuss it a bit in a serious way in this recent interview with Bookslut.) Either way, we think we can all agree, Armchair/Shotgun is damn memorable.

–       It’s from a song on the unreleased Bob Dylan record “Depression Cola.” The line goes: Babe you rest my mind like an armchair / Shotgun so comfortable and kind

–       “We named it this so you would come up and ask about it.”

–       “No, of course we weren’t drunk.”

–       It was a play on the pen is mightier than the sword (and/or shotgun).

–       Because a good story should propell you out of your chair like a gunshot. Metaphorically.

–       It’s about keeping a balance between being “armchair” (responsible, relaxed, professional, possessing good taste) and “shotgun” (GIVE US ALL THe STORIEs and the WHISZkEY and the FasT CARS)

–       Because Hemingway.

And… that’s all you get for today! But don’t worry, we have an exciting year full of events like the Brooklyn Book Festival. Lord knows what lies we’ll tell next!

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