Electro-Hypnotic Rays and Other Ridiculous Things in Our Super Exciting Buck Rogers Radio Drama!


That’s right, folks! On Saturday, May 18th, for Lit Crawl NYC,  we will be presenting Buck Rogers! After all, who didn’t enjoy our last jaunt through space with Flash Gordon? So join Armchair/Shotgun authors Dolan Morgan, Zachary White, Alanna Bailey, and J.E. Reich at 7:15PM sharp at 61 Local! Official details here. Unofficial details on what to expect include: at least one mad scientist accent (mwhahahahaha), silly sound effects courtesy whatever we find laying around (oh hey can we borrow that from you now frightened audience member?), and, of course, rock star writers being rock star actors for one night and one night only (until the next time we ask them to participate in a radio drama that is)!

So, won’t you be our neighbor and/or audience member?

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