The Brooklyn Book Festival Was a Heck of a Time!

Issue 4 hot off the presses with editors Evan Simko-Bednarksi, Chris Timmins, and Adam Read Brown.

Issue 4 hot off the presses with editors Evan Simko-Bednarksi, Chris Timmins, and Adam Read Brown.

First of all, Issue 4 arrived to much fanfare and just in time for Greenlight Bookstore‘s Brooklyn Indie Party. (No, you don’t understand, Managing Editor Chris Timmins picked up the issues in Hanover, Pennsylvania mere hours before pulling up in front of Greenlight with them. We weren’t even there to cheer for ourselves because we were gawking at the issue outside! And ohhhh was it purdy!)



Managing Editor John M. Cusick (joined by Simko-Bednarksi) checks out the issue for the first time.

Saturday night we attended the Brooklyn Book Festival Gala Mingle with Brooklyn’s who’s who of the lit scene and once again felt privileged to hear Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz speak. Rest assured, he confirms that the Brooklyn Book Festival will NOT die once he leaves office, because among other reasons, “It’s part of our swagger.” But that isn’t even the best part… WE GOT TO HEAR LOIS LOWRY SPEAK! And oh holy heck is she awesome. Hello childhood dreams come true!


Jamie Attenberg with Issue 4


Friends of A/S can’t help but get excited about the typewriters!

Sunday, we had a great day full of family, friends, and writers past, present, and hopefully, future visiting. Familiar faces included Dolan Morgan, J.E. Reich, Kate Weinberg, Jen Plaskowitz (one of our Issue 4 featured artists and the one responsible for that awesome dead mouse), and many more. And Jami Attenberg stopped by to pick up her copy of Issue 4, which featured an interview with her conducted by Helena Fitzgerald, who also dropped by several times.


Her shirt said “I Think Therefore I Read”! Best. Shirt. Ever.

This year we were thrilled to raffle off a Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter in addition to selling countless copies of issues as well as totes and T-shirts. The winner of the typewriter was one very excited Jonah Estess. However, before we raffled that little beauty off, we had endless people drop by to type away on it as well as the Remette we  also had on hand for the event. But, most excited about the typewriters? The kids! One little girl even had to be taken away by her mother because she didn’t want to stop typing… EVER. She even tried to make her way back to our table on our way out! (Please note, the little girl in the photo was not the one in question.) We’ll try to have up some of those fabulous things you typed in our next post!

All in all, we had a heck of a time this year, and the Brooklyn Book Festival remains one of our favorite times of year.


And so we survived the day! We’ll see you again next year!

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