The Sixth Annual Dylan Thomas Day!

How we have survived to this, our Sixth Annual Dylan Thomas Day celebration, we are unsure. Last year’s whiskey tally alone was 58 whiskeys! Seriously, HOW? But the fact is, we have. And we intend to celebrate the glory of Dylan Thomas and his poetry at the White Horse Tavern on Thursday, November 7th, a few days before the day of his death yet again.

In case you are unfamiliar, Dylan Thomas is rumored to have died after having 18 whiskeys at the White Horse Tavern. So, each year, we gather to collectively drink the same amount of whiskeys. Needless to say, the more experienced our collective palates become, the more whiskey we manage to drink. But, it’s not just about whiskey. We also take the time to read aloud from his works throughout the evening with his portrait looking upon us from the wall overhanging some of the tables.

And now in honor of what is sure to be a super messy tally next week, a few of our past several tallies. (The first several years have been lost in the aether… or in the whiskey…) As you can see we also have a tendency to scribble down some of the most quotable phrases of the night. You We just never know what we are going to say next! Whiskey and literature have a tendency to do that to people. In any case, wish us (and our livers) the best of luck in this endeavor. And more importantly, we highly recommend taking a little time out to read the poetry of this fine poet.


dtd 2012

dylan thomas 2011

dylan thomas 2010

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