A/S in the Press

Welcome to the Armchair/Shotgun press archive.

December 2013: Brooklyn Based calls us a “must-watch” for 2014, saying, “A/S is filled with gripping, well-told fiction, without regard for the ebb and flow of literary trends. Score another one for Brooklyn.”

November 2012: Sabotage Reviews says A/S No. 3, “manages to embrace so many art forms and yet remain a predominantly literary offering… Armchair/Shotgun show they really know how to enrich a reader’s experience.”

October 2012: Sabotage Reviews interviews us.

May 2012: Sabotage Reviews announces A/S the winner of their 2012 Saboteur Award.

March 2012: New Pages praises our “tight, compact, highly inventive stories… Armchair/Shotgun is an exciting new journal to keep an eye on.”

February 2012: The New York Times lists us among the top ten “Literary Heirs.” “What distinguishes these 10 is that they’re not only intello-chic statements for your side table. They’re also really good reads.”

December 2011: The Review Review interviews us.

December 2011: The Lit Pub calls A/S “a bold statement in this twilight time of print… packaged with an artful and comforting sense of the importance of quality.”

June 2011: Sabotage Reviews says Armchair/Shotgun  No.2 “illustrate[s] grassroots story-telling at its very best.”

May 2011: Short Story Month on Issue No.2’s “Story About My Coat” by Zachary White.

May 2011: The Review Review says, “with it’s bold color, clean design, and clever detail, A/S is a purty little thing.”

March 2011: Luna Park Review covers the release of Armchair/Shotgun No.2.

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