Bookslut Interviews Managing Editor Evan Simko-Bednarski About Founding a Literary Magazine, Violence in Art, and What Exactly is in a Name

Bookslut recently featured a three-part interview with Armchair/Shotgun, and they were kind enough to let us reprint it in full here. We hope you enjoy it! (Photo courtesy of Bookslut) *** Happy new year, Bookslut readers! To launch a literate 2013, we’re pleased to share an exclusive FB page interview with you. Bookslut regular contributor … Continue reading

Author Drink Review: Rob Dubbin

Flatiron Lounge is a low-lit, swanky cocktail bar in a midtown neighborhood— we can’t remember which one at the moment— catering to young professionals and the bridge & tunnel crowd. We probably could have found a more appropriate place to treat Colbert Report writer Rob Dubbin, but he didn’t seem to mind. We discussed rye, … Continue reading

Author Drink Review: Teddy Wayne

Armchair/Shotgun recently sat down to chat with New York author and all around good guy Teddy Wayne. Wayne is the author of the 2010 novel Kapitoil (a delightfully fun read, which we highly recommend), and has been published in a whole bunch of great places including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Vanity Fair…you … Continue reading

Interview: Lorraine Adams on The Room and the Chair

In some ways, writing about the newsroom, which I had known on a daily basis for pretty much twenty years, was more difficult than writing about sledding on the mountain in Afghanistan, something I had never done — although I had been in Afghanistan and I had been in a very bad car accident, tumbling down a hill while I was there. I was on a very bad road, as most roads are in Afghanistan, and the Jeep flipped over and tumbled down a ravine. This was in the summer of 2006, and I was injured — it’s a long story, but I wasn’t seriously injured. So imagining events like flying a fighter jet — obviously I’ve never flown a fighter jet — those things were a little bit easier for me than writing about the newsroom.

Totally Hip: Ron Charles on Lit Crit and Cylons

Ron Charles, book reviewer for the Washington Post (a major American newspaper), has recently stirred up the traditionally calm waters of literary criticism with his “Totally Hip Video Book Review” series.  Striking a perfect balance between irreverent and informative, Mr. Charles manages to call out absurd literary trend-ism while still engaging in criticism’s raison d’être: … Continue reading