Women’s Work: How We Published an All-Woman Issue Without Planning It

Issue 3 cover - fiction & poetry authors

Hi newcomers! We’ve been getting a bit of traffic today after The Millions mentioned on Twitter that all the stories and poems in our latest issue are by women*. Though the all-female-writers issue was a complete surprise to us, we’re pretty delighted about it and thought we should tell you a little bit about how … Continue reading

Copy Edits

Here’s a brief list culled from our Google search history during our wee-hour copy edit session for upcoming Issue 2: —- þórdís björnsdóttir daughter honey-bun falsa blanket goddam KA-BAR Gulf Stream ligature SUVs, SUV’s hotdogs, hot dogs Blue Ridge Mountains Eugene Lang The Shark’s Parlor BFA (results in Balloon Federation of America -Ed.) do you … Continue reading

In Defense of the Slush Pile

Background: When Tin House did their whole send-a-reciept-from-a-book-store-to-get-in-our-slush-pile thing a while back, the literary blogs were aflutter as to whether slush piles were the new newspapers, i.e. obsolete. The following is a brief two-cents from John Cusick, literary agent and a founding editor of Armchair/Shotgun. — There’s been some chatter about abolishing the slush pile— … Continue reading

Umpire Jim Joyce Besmirches Good Family Name

Let’s compare sports and literature for a second

Baffled Journalists Tell Other Baffled Journalists Their Fortunes

The internet is like Cookie Monster, except instead of cookies it eats intellectual property.