Electro-Hypnotic Rays and Other Ridiculous Things in Our Super Exciting Buck Rogers Radio Drama!

*ROCKET MOTOR/TIMPANI/THUNDER SHEET ROLLED AND WOBBLED* That’s right, folks! On Saturday, May 18th, for Lit Crawl NYC,  we will be presenting Buck Rogers! After all, who didn’t enjoy our last jaunt through space with Flash Gordon? So join Armchair/Shotgun authors Dolan Morgan, Zachary White, Alanna Bailey, and J.E. Reich at 7:15PM sharp at 61 Local! Official details here. Unofficial details on … Continue reading

It’s that time again folks… Time for the Armchair/Shotgun Old-Timey Radio Hour! Tune in on Saturday, May 18th for hijinks galore!

On Saturday, May 18th, in conjunction with Lit Crawl NYC,  Armchair/Shotgun  authors Dolan Morgan, Zachary White, Alanna Bailey, and J.E. Reich, will perform a radio drama… Live! On Stage! With Sound Effects and Everything! at 7:15PM sharp at 61 Local. Last year we brought you the daredevil antics of Flash Gordon, and this year? Well, … Continue reading

Come Celebrate the Armchair/Shotgun Issue 3 Launch at BookCourt, Sept. 16th!

We’ve teased, taunted, and titillated, but finally–without further ado–we’d like to present… drum roll please… Issue 3 of Armchair/Shotgun in all its published glory! But, don’t just take a long gander at the fantastic looking cover proof above (looking right purdy next to issues 1 and 2 even with all that ‘mood lighting’), come check … Continue reading