Geek Love Lit Party at PowerHouse Arena, April 1st

They say the only true love is Geek Love. Well, they don’t, but they might after this party. Armchair/Shotgun is jazzed to co-chair this scintillating Lit Crawl event. We invite you to join us, as well as the discriminating bon vivants on the list below, at PowerHouse Arena on April 1st. The $15 admission includes … Continue reading

Author Drink Review: Teddy Wayne

Armchair/Shotgun recently sat down to chat with New York author and all around good guy Teddy Wayne. Wayne is the author of the 2010 novel Kapitoil (a delightfully fun read, which we highly recommend), and has been published in a whole bunch of great places including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Vanity Fair…you … Continue reading