Tools of the Trade No.2 – The Remington Quiet-Riter

Built like a tank

Model: Remington-Rand Quiet-Riter, S/N QR2454389 Year Built: 1953 Price Paid: $25 Ah, the 1950’s… When men were repressed, women were oppressed, and typewriters were typewriters. At the midpont of the 20th century, The Remington Rand Corporation was a business-machine behemoth with ties to just about every kind of mechanical industry. At the height of World … Continue reading

Tools of the Trade No.1 – The Underwood Portable

The $8 Laptop

We have some pretty tech-savvy editors at Armchair/Shotgun. And at production time, our sleek netbooks with their solid-state drives and whisper-quiet keyboards make it such that the ubiquitous Macintosh boot-up sound is just about the only thing drowning out John’s smug comments about his Kindle. But, true to our print-ward leanings, we have a deep … Continue reading