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ARMCHAIR/SHOTGUN was founded by writers in January 2009, in the midst of one of the largest unemployment crises in American history since the 1930s.

At Armchair/Shotgun, we do not care about your bio. We read all submissions anonymously, and conceal even an author’s name until a piece has been selected for publication.  We feel that good writing does not know one MFA program from another. It does not know a PhD from a high school drop-out. Good writing does not know your interstate exit or your subway stop, and it does not care what you’ve written before. Good writing knows only story.

ARMCHAIR/SHOTGUN accepts poetry, fiction, non-fiction and visual arts submissions for publication on real honest-to-goodness paper.

*      *      *

“…one of the most genuine readings I’ve attended since moving to Brooklyn. I’m now a fan.”

– David Backer, Luna Park Review

“…with its bold color, clean design, and clever detail, A/S is a purty little thing.”

– Lynn Holmgren, The Review Review

“Indeed it is difficult to ignore the importance this journal places upon the purity of ‘story’, such is its ability to distract, grip and absorb you. Many of the pieces illustrate grassroots story-telling at its very best … there is a freshness and a spice to this collection that brings to mind the originality of the Beat generation.”

– Rory O’Sullivan, Sabotage Reviews (UK)

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