Win a Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter From A/S During the Brooklyn Book Festival!

Hey, oh hi, look at that beauty of a typewriter! Wish you could have to call your very own? Well here’s your chance! During the Brooklyn Book Festival, Armchair/Shotgun will be raffling off a Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter to one lucky winner! Raffle tickets will be available: one ticket for $5, six for $25.

The Royal Quiet Deluxe is a workhorse typewriter. Royal made the Quiet Deluxe from 1939 until 1959. The Deluxe went through a few cosmetic upgrades over the years, but it was always a favorite among journalists. A staple in the press corps during World War II, the model also has quite a bit of literary history. Hemingway proclaimed it among his favorite machines. Pulitzer-prize winner Bernard Malamud used one. Ian Fleming owned a gold-plated Quiet Deluxe.

This one’s a late model, from the final iteration, from 1953-1959. And it can be yours. Just come visit us on Sunday, September 22nd from 10AM-6PM at Table 22 to buy your raffle tickets!

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